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Wills & Probate
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Wills and Probate Lawyers in London

Hartley Bain’s Wills and Probate lawyers London; helps to ensure that your private affairs are in good order and drafted in a manner that is of maximum benefit for your family.

We provide a highly personalised and discreet service with long term needs to be explored during comprehensive client consultations.

When someone dies, there are legal formalities that need to be carried out. Probate is the legal process whereby the deceased person’s affairs are dealt with.

Our Wills and Probate Lawyers London can manage grievances over inheritance with compassion whilst maintaining objectivity to progress disputes to a satisfactory resolution. If the deceased person left a Will, one or more ‘executors’ may be named to deal with their affairs. In this scenario, the probate procedure generally has three stages:

  • Settling the inheritance tax, if any is due
  • Obtaining the ‘Grant’ from the probate registry
  • Dealing with the assets and property of the Estate – The Administration

If you have been named as an executor in a Will, dealing with the legal formalities and inheritance tax can become a daunting and time consuming process. If this is the case, you may prefer for our legal experts to deal with the estate administration on your behalf.

If you are certain the deceased left no Will (called dying intestate) we can help you obtain a “Grant of Letters of Administration” (the term used to obtaining probate when there is no Will).

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Our Services include:

  • Will drafting
  • Probate – estate administration
  • Lasting power of attorney
  • Making a trust
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Deeds of variation
  • Gifting property
  • Finances of vulnerable people
  • Asset protection
  • Wills, trust & estate disputes